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Country of Origin :CHINA
Port of Shipment:BUSAN, KOREA
LOT Q'ty : 10 PRS
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  Material : Upper-Nami PU / Outsole-Rubber
  Color : White&Black / Black
  Size : 230 ~ 315(5 Unit fro each size)
  Origin : CHINA



 The spirit, legend of Taekwondo shoes, has come. You can feel light and flexible as if
 you put on socks, and move quickly as if you walked barefoot. Their permeability and
 sweating ability have been upgraded much more in order that the shoes shall not be
 filled with sweat. Even if you use them for a long time, they do not stretch, and they
 can protect you from being injured in games because they will surround your feet.


 태권도화의 전설 SPIRIT이 돌아왔다. 양말처럼 가볍고 유연한 느낌을 주어 맨발로 다니는 것과 같이

 민첩한 움직임을 가능하게 하였으며 통기성과 땀 배출능력을 한층 강화하여 신발에 땀이 차지 않게

 하였습니다. 신발을 오래 신어도 늘어나지 않으며 신발이 발을 감싸주어 경기중 생길 수 있는 부상을



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